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Mapping Flood in Colombia

At the end of November 2010, at the end of Colombia’s rainy season the bank of the main water canal in northern Colombia collapsed under the pressure of water. This collapse caused water from the Magdalena River to flood an area of approximately 500 sq.km.

In March 2011, Ecolo-GIS was hired by AgroProject, a Israeli agricultural consulting company, to provide updated mapping of the flooded area.  Using LANDSAT 7 ETM+ images, Ecolo-GIS provided images and maps of the flooded area. Using image classification techniques Ecolo-GIS provided polygon covers in GIS and CAD format for further analysis and planning by AgroProject.

LANDSAT 7 ETM+ images SLC-OFF gaps were first filled using an in-house algorithm developed by Ecolo-GIS. 

LANDSAT 7 ETM+ image, (SLC-OFF corrected) of the flooded area before the flooding.

LANDSAT 7 ETM+ image, (SLC-OFF corrected) of the flooded area about two months after the beginning of the flooding.